Taiwan Nantou Guoxing Coffee 225g

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 Region : Nantou Guoxing Township

Altitude : 900 m

Farm : LUZ Coffee Farm 

Varietal&Process : Arabica( Bourbon), Honey Process 

Roasting Level : Light 

Tasting Note : Honey, Winey, Pineapple, Chamomile 


Coffee growing has an interesting history in the NANTOU area, especially around Guoxing township. Here, coffee cultivation was greatly encouraged by government investment following the disruptive “921” earthquake of 1999. Research had shown that many of the crops grown before in this area had caused significant soil erosion leading to increased danger of landslides in this earthquake prone area. One of the crops suggested as an improvement in sustainability was coffee.
Many of the farms in the area either converted existing crops to coffee or planted new farms on vacant lands. The owner of this farm worked in a unrelated industry but wanted to become more ecologically involved - he purchased some land, planted coffee trees in the early 2000s and began production ten years later. Such has been his success that he was driven to focus his attention completely on his coffee investments as the fame of his product grew.
His products are regularly entered into local competitions where blind tasting confirms his successful efforts. We prefer a lighter roast for these beans to fully realise the complex and fruit notes that can be achieved.