Exquisite Taiwanese high mountain coffee beans

Coffee is Taiwan’s most under appreciated asset.
Coffee beans have been cultivated in the valleys of the island’s
one hundred and sixty 3,000m peaks since the 19th century.

Today 450 artisan farmers cultivate beans to the highest standard of quality.
Our goal is to help those farmers find customers for their best product and
to introduce new customers to this undiscovered premium coffee. 

  • Premium Taiwan Coffee Beans

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Making a cup of coffee from roasted beans
involves and empowers the consumer
to make several decisions
all of which have significant impact
on the final flavour of the finished coffee. 

Taiwan Coffee Beans

Coffee cultivation was introduced to Taiwan by the Japanese during their occupation which began during the 1870as but was formalised by 1895. The Japanese arriving in Taiwan in those years found a country dense in high mountains. Taiwan has more than 160 mountains with peaks exceeding 3,000m. The main island’s 400km length along a north/south axis cuts the Tropic of Cancer close to the midpoint of the island. The mountain chain that runs the length of the island provides a backbone for highly productive cultivation.