Taiwan Chiayi Meishan Coffee 225g

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Region : Chiayi Meishan Township

Altitude : 1200 m

Farm : Gubuakak Coffee Farm 

Varietal&Process : Arabica(SL-34), Sun Dried 

Roasting Level : Light 

Tasting Note : Apple , Winey, orange, Vanilla 


Tea has been grown in the valleys and gorges of Meishan for many years, but the long term farmers have noticed the increased trend to buy quality Taiwan coffee and - over the past ten years - have been very active in extending their plantations to cultivate coffee. They have worked hard with local and international growers to test new coffee bean hybrids and continue to invest in growing plantings of various bean types.

In addition to their efforts to find a coffee bean type perfectly matched to their soil and climate environment, this family also experiment actively in coffee bean preparation, allowing buyers to experience their green beans after honey washing, water cleaning and natural air drying. 

This is a well established family tea farm which made the decision to diversify to coffee only seven years ago. Their initial planting of 300 tress over several coffee varietals has led to outstanding results in coffee beans already being recognised at competition. This success encourages them to experiment with more varietals to test which might benefit from this amazing terroir. 

We’re roasting their honey wash SL varietal beans for this batch which we believe produces in the finished product a taste that is the essence of Taiwan high mountain coffee - a blend of chocolate and vanilla flavours with top notes of fruit. This coffee makes me think of Black Forest gateaux every time I drink it.