Taiwan Hualien Xiulin Coffee 225g

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Region : Hualien Xiulin Township

Altitude : 600 m

Farm : Nita Coffee Farm 

Varietal&Process :  Arabica Typica, Honey Wash 

Roasting Level : Medium-Light 

Tasting Note : Butter, Orange, Plum, Blueberry, Persimmon

The founder of Nita Coffee farm, Dr. Tai Feng-Chiu, was born in the Taroko tribe of Xiulin Township, Hualien County. As the son of a pastor, with a grateful heart to give back to the tribe, he hopes to create more job opportunities for the tribesmen by planting coffee on the fertile land of Xiulin Township, thereby revitalizing the tribal economy.
"Nita" means "ours” in the Taroko tribe language. Coffee cannot be grown by one person. It has to be cultivated by a team, taking care of the soil in a sustainable way, these coffee trees will be passed down from generation to generation, creating jobs for future generations and growing "our coffee". This is the original intention of Dr. Tai.
In 2021, Nita coffee was officially certified as one of Taiwan's organic agricultural products.
Nita coffee farm employs locals from the Taroko tribe from field management, post-processing, roasting and sales. It is through everyone's joint efforts that they improve the quality of coffee beans every year, so that the flavour of Hualien coffee can be shared around the world.