Taiwan Taitung Taimali coffee farm visit

Your car weaves up the winding and single tracked roads that lead from Taiwan’s cliff-sided south east coast. These roads climb from sea level towards ranges with peaks of 3,000 metres very quickly. After 30 minutes of driving you are passing secluded fruit orchards hidden from the weather in protected valleys and gorges. Palm groves are everywhere. Ahead, and higher, you can see a landscape of tea farms forming chess squares on steep hillsides.
Amongst these are coffee farms - usually hybrid farms matched up with families growing tea and fruit for generations. But investment in coffee plantings is increasing. Every year sees more acreage given over to coffee trees. Much is being tested with new varietals as experts from famous Latin American growths bring their new bean types to experiment in Taiwan.
Farmers carve space in terraces to process harvested beans. Competition for space is fierce for the limited available space. So experimenting with water washed versus honey washed beans is both a quality and an economic decision. Sun drying is often a luxury seen as worth taking.
We have experienced the highest quality coffee in these farms at altitude along Taiwans eastern mountain ranges. The fierce pride of the growers in their product is readily apparent from the enthusiasm they greet visitors for tastings. From trees, to cherries, to green beans our partners work hard to ensure you get a true taste of Taiwan in your coffee.